Welcome to MamaBear&Babycub!

I want to create a space for the beautiful and bold MamaBears who want to learn, love, and share. To do this, I’d like to focus on self-care as a first time MamaBear. We are taught so much about the sacrifices we must give of ourselves. But in order to do that with love and care, we need to take care of ourselves as well. This is a space of 0% judgement and 100% support.

You are here. Likely because some wonderful friend (probably me) sent you a link and said, “Please oh please check this out!”

You are here. Likely thinking “Ugh, another blog?” Yes, but there is a difference here. It is MY blog, made for you. Filled with relevant-for-your-life information, a refreshing take on topics, and ideas that can make a difference; at least that is my goal. 

But before I can expect you to trust me and give me a try, I’m guessing there are 5 things you are wondering. At least, these are things I wonder when I get that message over DM:

              To: You

              From: Your friend who you only “talk” to on Facebook.

              Subject: Dude, check out this blog!!!!!

It’s always complete a ridiculous number of over excited exclamation points, isn’t it? So, before you click the back button or go back to plotting how you can get away with cooking tonight’s’ dinner all in one pot, let me answer just 5 things.

#1. WHO AM I?

jenel with carter at the park

My name is Jenell Pickering. 

I’m 30 years alive. 

An RN to those who are suffering from medical complications of eating disorders. 

The wife to a hard-work and ridiculously handsome husband. 

A mother to a tiny miracle from God. 

The second daughter to a retired Army solider and a retired educator of young minds.

A little sister to a dedicated  Air Force Big A Air(wo)men.

Those who love and know me best describe me as smart, goofy, creative, strong, sensitive, nurturing, persistent, beautiful, mellow, and resilient.

 I am a lover of searching for a unique angle through my Canon T6 lens, chronic drinker of poetic descriptions and well worded stories, and student of birthing words onto a blank page. To sum that up, I love photography, reading poetry and books, and writing. And as you can see, I love trying to come up with ways to describe things that can typically be explained in one word.


question mark neon light

Now that I’ve introduced myself, it’s time for me to guess who you might be (this is my clever way of addressing my target audience). If we’re being honest, you are probably my mom, dad, sister, husband, or very polite friend who graciously clicked a link and stayed to read in support of me. Thank you! But, if you happen to be my {insert buzz word} target demographic, you are a first-time mama, looking for some nonjudgmental advice, tips on self-care, or simply for connection with someone on the same journey as you. 

Whether your little one is still growing; kicking at your ribs as we read this, or they are months old (this is the extent of my experience), you are who I want to talk to. You are tired of deciphering acronyms from those mommy apps such as BM, DH, CS, CIO, STTN, or OP. Maybe you are unwilling to play along in the game of Mom-Shame, Mom-Blame, and Mom-Must-Have-It-All-Together. Because of this, I’m sure you are ready to be real about this journey.


the journey is on sign

Answers. Ideas. Advice. Insight. That is what I hope to provide during our journey of developing confidence, patience, and some resemblance of grace in raising our darling BabyCubs. I am going through the same transition you are. While it’s nice to get advice from a seasoned MamaBear who is expertly swaddling her baby in 3 seconds flat while cooking Mac-n-Cheese that has secret vegetables in it somehow and wonderfully has a self-care routine down to a T, it’s nice to connect with someone who is going through the same journey and learn together. There’s comfort in sharing with someone on your level.


damn good advice book at table

Simply, you can expect clear honesty, no judgement, mistakes that we can both learn from, and accurate information. You can expect me to do research, answer questions, and if I don’t know the answer, I will do my best to seek it out. I will also be developing a schedule, so you can consistently know when to expect to hear from me.


scrabble letters contact

Do you have questions, topics, ideas, adorable photos you want to share, or simply something you want to say? I highly encourage and look forward to you contacting me through Gmail, Facebook, or Instagram or the contact form at the bottom of this page. To get to learn more about me, nothing is better than some good ol’ stalking on my Instagram page. If you see a post from 2015 that you want to comment on, don’t hesitate. That’s what it’s there for right?

So now that it’s all on the table, I do hope you come back to see what’s next. I was promoted to MamaBear status on December 10, 2019, and I am ready for all the adventures ahead. I am ready to learn, grow, and share these experiences with whoever will listen (read). Let’s do this!